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Higher Intelligence FINAL COVER-synapse sketchFiction/Science Fiction

Higher Intelligence, Peter Atwater

Higher Intelligence is a science fiction novel about human conflict with a life form on another planet. It is a metaphor for our treatment of animals who we consider to be of inferior intelligence. At its heart, the novel reveals critical life themes about animals, the environment, and what happens when humankind’s penchant for controlling both reaches its inevitable tragic conclusion.






vaughan-n-record store end of time cover REVISEDFiction/Fantasy Sci-Fi

The Record Store at the End of Time, Neal Vaughan

Power pop saves the solar system from rogue cops and over-consumption in this fantasy sci-fi.  It is an asteroid of sanity in a universe of reality TV, neo-fascist economics and Justin Bieber fans.  This off-center read embraces a relevant social undercurrent – especially relevant if the dumbing down of contemporary music and political culture makes you want to throw things at the TV.



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Pilansky D-Cubicle Dreams-CoverFiction

Cubicle Dreams, Drew Pilansky

If you have ever felt pulled apart between your loyalties at work and your personal life, you have lived Cubicle Dreams. This novel exposes the illusions and skewed priorities we are all taught to buy in to, and uncovers how the value system of the American workplace twists our private lives. Throughout it all readers will vicariously vent all of their own private fears and frustrations. They will unleash the conflicts within their own “double life” at work and at home as they travel through the warped odyssey of one man just trying to get it right.  Cubicle Dreams tells the bittersweet tale of what happens when people discover too late that they had everything they needed all along.








 Not for Public Consumption, Frank P. Lipton

Not For Public Consumption, the novel:  Renegade, fringe and rebel tasty, this life on the edge story-within-a-story about outliers, social outcasts, and people who have a lot of secrets delves deep into that precarious place where normalcy ends and madness begins.







Friction in Motion-FRONT COVER-NEWFiction

Friction in Motion, Simon Kadella

Hop in the car and ride along on a bizarre and funny cross-country road trip with a highly dysfunctional family. On this trip the main character, an emotionally detached child prodigy, encounters a quirky cast of characters including a mobster uncle, a channeling aunt, a Native American healer, and a depressed punker who has read The Bell Jar five times. But none of the characters found on the road are as odd as the protagonist’s own immediate family. There are many lessons along the way. The most important being that wherever there is motion, there is bound to be friction, and within this lies the secret to wisdom and the strength to break free.






Bookcover-Subway VisionFiction/Absurdist stage play

Subway Vision, the stage play, Murray Bardos

All aboard for a satirical, absurdist play that examines the human condition through murder-by-wishful-thinking, a twisted, dead bride wedding-turned-memorial-service, and a bizarre murder trial where a homeless-man-turned-attorney reveals all you need to know to understand why people behave the way they do—all taking place during an existentially-bumpy subway ride.


Includes Bonus stage play, “Halfway There”

Subway Vision was performed at the Hilton Centre for the Performing Arts, by the Classic Theater Guild’s Annual New Play Festival in New York.

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 BOOK COVER-Jagged Little EdgesFiction/Short Stories

Jagged Little Edges, J.M. Frank

Intelligent, satirical and slightly dark short stories…Existentially baked to a crusty finish.

This collection of short stories includes the award winning ‘Lessons in Time’ and ‘The Fetal Executive’.