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BookGravy.com is sponsored by a nonprofit multimedia collective dedicated to bringing the works of indie authors and other indie artists out of obscurity and into the sunshine.  BookGravy is comprised of veteran authors, editors, reviewers and other publishing professionals, all of whom have found their experiences with the mainstream behemoth Big Six Publishers to be both demoralizing and disappointing.

Unfortunately, despite the advances in electronic publishing and distribution, what was initially a hopeful alternative to the traditional publishing route has left the majority of quality books published by talented indie authors and small publishers buried in the deep abyss of Big Retail’s outlying servers.

The lock-out created and perpetuated by the behemoth publishers, combined with the ‘celebrities and super star authors only’ popularity-based criterion of mega-corporate online book retail systems has cast alternative publishing options–and their authors–into the dark corners of the invisible web.

BookGravy.com was established to redress this shut-out of gifted, non-celebrity authors and small publishers, and the negative experiences many talented writers typically have with mega online retailer’s systems for book promotion.

We are passionate renegades in defense of amazing, quality indie books that make us think, feel and live in new ways.

In the final analysis, we are people who love books and live indie.